IB and mini wheat/beans/corn

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  1. sporky


    is it possible to route mini ags to the floor with IB?
  2. sporky


    oops! I should add info to the question.

    Route through TWS, that is.

    when I try to change the exchange in the ticket nothing happens. It stays as eCBOT.

    sorry :(
  3. ids


    Please, check if you have trading permissions on CBOT.
  4. sporky


    "United States (Floor Based Exchanges) Approved"
  5. Heres my question... Why would you want to??? Ever watch CBOT and ECBOT pricing simultaneaously.... at worse case 2 tick difference..... and it gets resolved SO QUICKLY...
  6. sporky


    electronic mini is totally illiquid.

    mini floor is thin but tradeable.
  7. Thats a good reason...

    Personally 1.25/tick just doesnt do it for me....

    Especially at an additional 1.9/rt in commissions...

    Try just trading one full sized contract till your strat is profitable.....

    at least 1 tick covers all your upfront expenses... Worse case scenario, scalp a point here and there....

    I just dont see the Benefit of minis... and if you consider 100-300 contracts (or so) per day liquid.... Or even the 2500 Soy contracts traded.

    Well.. I like 100,000 contracts per day traded for liquidity.

    Note, I am not knocking you, I am merely listing all the reasons why wouldnt waste $8.00/contract to trade one of those.. If your strategy is profitable, trade the fullsized and enjoy...

    Corn went limit down almost 2 days in the past week, whereas soy has move almost 40 points one day last week... 2 days it moved 25 points.Iif you captured even a sliver of those moves,, the benefits FAR outweigh the logic in trading a mini....
  8. sporky


    i'm wanting to trade wheat right now.

    Volatility is too high for my money management to trade 5k, but 2-3 MINIs would be ok.
  9. Trust me, I totally understand.....

    Thats why I stressed I am not knocking you....

    Why not just papertrade it, till you are comfortable with your strat and then go all in... Picking up pennies is like cutting off your nose to spite your face... IMO.....

    Note, these are all MY OPINIONS.... Which don't amount to a hill of beans....
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