IB and mini ags

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  1. Caveat here: I don't know what I'm doing

    I'm trying to trade mini corn and mini wheat with IB

    Seems like liquidity is not there in the ECBOT night action. So I set limit orders for CBOT daytime. I have not paid $55 per month for CBOT market data through IB. I can get the delayed data through Barchart.com. Since I'm setting limit orders to scale in and out of positions I figured realtime data isn't that important.

    I'm finding that some of my limit orders even daytime CBOT are not executing. Even when the price when beyond my limit. Anyone else have this problem with IB?
  2. ECBOT mini grains have no volume even during the day, not to mention the night session.

    Limit order of CBOT mini corn works fine for me.
  3. Mini corn also works for me for limits on CBOT (daytime). For some reason mini wheat CBOT has problems with IB (for me).

    ECBOT mini only trades at night 630 pm - 6 am CST. Agreed very low volume. Wonder why - would be great to day(night) trade - trends well.

    ECBOT regular size ags trade day and night - wish mini ECBOT did also.

    Is your experience with IB or some other broker? I'm thinking of moving to a full time commodities-only broker - assumably for better service and especially execution.
  4. Stay away from the minis if you can they have no depth just try and trade 1 lot of the big contract which are liquid and the margin is also very manageable
  5. I scale in and out to build or unwind positions. I don't daytrade. Like I said, no problems on CBOT mini corn, just CBOT mini wheat with IB. I don't think the problem is with the exchange or liquidity but IB. Their lame responses are the main reason I think this.
  6. Honestly after being a broker for 10 years my experience would be that someone trading mini ags shouldnt expect to get their highest priority just a fact of life I'm afraid. You will cost them more in time than they will ever make off you the majority of the time.
  7. Sure but mini ags are 1/20 of my account activity. I'm mainly using this as a test to get my toe in the water with ags. My IB experience with full size ag futures options isn't much better than the mini ags. I think I have an answer to my test. Currently looking for another broker for ags and all my other futures trades.