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  1. I have recently started trading with IB and learned today that they have no intention to add a level 2 service. I would be interested to know what other users of IB use for their Level 2.

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    Qcharts from Quote.com is what I use. The program has worked great for me. Some people say it has problems with its server connection but its worth a look..
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    m_c_a98, has Quote.com worked well for you? Have you experienced any reliability issues w/ the service such a connection problems, lagging quotes etc. I'd like to try the service but I've heard from other users that these are significant recurring problems. What's your experience?
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    I've used Qcharts for two months now. On a few(3-4) occasions I've been disconnected from one of the servers that they use. The program then switched over to a different server automatically within 20seconds. Also there is a third-party program that I use that lets you specify which of their servers you want to be connected to. Maybe I luckily picked a good server and have just stayed with it?

    I haven't noticed any difference in price data from Qcharts
    and Interactive Brokers, which doesnt' necessarily mean there is never a difference; but it has always been right in step with IB TWS.

    Not that it makes a difference but I use IDSL 144/144 and run two instances of Qcharts all day long. I like it for the drawing features. ie. S/R's, FIb....
  5. I use Realtick for my charting, Level II, news, etc. along with IB for my executions.

  6. i have been using qcharts for about a year and a half.. you should be aware that qcharts level 2 screen does not show a crossed market.. if someone starts cranking a stock with isld or redi, you wont be able to see the true prices, just the highest bid .01 lower than the lowest ask.. also, my qcharts level 2 is slightly delayed compared to my level 2 feed from cyber.. if you are a swingtrader maybe it isnt such a big deal but if you daytrade, it can make a big difference.. =)

  7. I use Realtick for quotes/charts etc...IB for execution. Quotes from Realtick (direct feed from Townsend Analytics) are pretty much in sync with IB. Realtick is expensive but so far worth it. Haven't had any problems.
  8. I'm with Mac and Zboy...Realtick and IB...Can't go wrong, imho. Best regards, Jim
  9. I've used eSignal's Level II. Works great. Charts could be better.

  10. You could keep $10k at AB Watley to get their quotes, and do the bulk of your trading elsewhere (like IB). If you don't do 20 tradesermonth, they will charge you $50 per month, but that is still a lot less than other services, and they are pretty good.
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