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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by tango29, Jun 10, 2003.

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    Does someone know whether it is essential to use the Java plugin that IB has you download for their platform? I find it causes problems with other things on my computer. Is there an alternative?
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    I've been in dialogue with IB on the issue and am having mucho problems. In mean time I'm using browser based TWS.

    It's Java that sucks, not IB. If I didn't have 2500 mp3's that I don't know how to back up, I'd do a complete XP re-install and just start from scratch. I have so many Java versions loaded that I can't even open TWS. Intuitively I always knew my TWS problems were Java inspired since I've seen the reliability of other Java apps compromised. Perhaps I picked up a virus that Norton's doesn't recognize?
  3. The same thing happened to me on XP. I downloaded
    the Java runtime plugin on the IB TWS Demo download page
    and my machine was totally trashed and I had to reinstall
    XP from scratch. I'll never do that again. I would stick
    to non-Java apps for trading.

    What Java does seem to work in IE on XP is the
    Microsoft VM (look in your
    Tools->Internet Options->Advanced and make sure
    Java (Sun) is unchecked if it is there). But downloading the
    version of Java on the IB page killed my machine.
  4. Hi Guys,

    I use IB and run Windows XP on my machine and I am not experiencing any problems. Try this, go to internet options and click on the avanced tab. Scroll down until you you see the Sun Java box. Uncheck the box and reboot your machine. My TWS works great and I do not have conflicts with my other apps.

    Good Luck,

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    So I can use their browser based version and i don't need the Java plugin? I all ready have the plugin downloaded, but would love to switch it off. I see the Microsoft VM, will that work the same? By the way I did ask IB 1st, but didn't really get much for an answer which is why I posted here.

    Thank you
  6. I did that, but still my machine was totally trashed.
    (I spent hours on the phone with HP and Microsoft).

    In any case, based on that horrible experience, I would
    probably not try a Java-based app again.

  7. get real. the future is java. i've had no problems AT ALL, and neither have MOST.

    YOUR experience is an anomaly, i suggest you find out why.

    the problem is with YOU, not JAVA. we're going to MARS on java for kee rice st sakes.

  8. quote from LongShot
    Maybe it was conflict with a previously installed Java. But
    uninstalling all the Java didn't help.

    But being realistic, how many of the high-powered
    trading apps like : gr8trade, HammerTrade, eSignal, TradeStation, ... are implemented or will be implemented in Java?
  9. I think you mean the Java package from java.sun.com?

    I use the standalone TWS with Java 1.4 on Linux w/out any problems.
  10. You mean high powered like Weblogic server? NetBeans? The new Sun office suite? Yea, nobody programs in Java.

    The version of java you downloaded from that page is 1.4.1_03 which is supposed to contain numerous bug fixes and is the version of Java that Sun strongly recommends you use.

    I can't see how downloading Java 'trashes' your system or forces you to re-install XP. None of those statements make sense since Java can be easily and completely removed.

    You can go to Control Panel>Java Plug-in. Once you are at the Java Plug-in Control Panel, you can choose which version of Java runs in IE. Clear the plug-in cache first.

    Perhaps TWS has a specific conflict with 1.4.1_03, but I'm already using 1.4.1_02 so I doubt it. I'm going to upgrade and find out anyway.
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