IB and IPE - you also have trouble??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stfreak, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. stfreak


    hi guys,

    recently opened an account at IB to trade a bit FX and mainly the energy futures on the IPE.

    Last week I faced some minor problems with the IPE data feed over IB, but they disappeared after rebooting my machine.

    The day after, the market depth was not updating anymore, the outside market freezed and I was only able to see the inside market.

    I chatted with IB and was told, that this is a problem caused by the exchange and the engineers will solve overnight.

    Friday was ok again, but trouble apeared again on monday.

    Now I´m sitting here watching the inside of COIL and just the inside ask of WTI (bids do not show up). Nymex - futures feed works fine today, but yesterday I was only able to see the inside market, too. I somehow get to my personal boiling temperature.

    I mean, besides the fact, that the IB feed is for real not the best for scalping such an illiquid market, the customer service is just horrible.

    While I´m posting here, I´m waiting for the technical assistance chat to connect (sitting here for half an hour...). Noone answers and when there is someone on the other side, I´m simply asked for a logfile and a screenshot.

    I had an account with velocity and changed to IB because of the interest rates and the connection to 52 markets, but it seems like I spend most of the time in writing problem tickets, zipping logfiles and screenshots instead of trading.

    Is someone trading IPE - products via IB? Are you facing the same problems, or am I the only one?

    When this odyssee goes on this way, I will leave and go back to velocity.