IB and GTC orders on TSX

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bgboy13, Nov 28, 2008.

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    Any Canadians out there that trade actively on TSX with IB.
    Have you observed that IB cancels and resubmits your GTC orders every morning?
    This has cost me a lot of money so far. It appears that they have devised a very clever way to profit from this by using their superior computing platform at the expense of their clients and TSX itself.
    First off they submit their customer’s orders under the “Anonymous 1” broker ID number so to make it difficult for the individual clients to find about this fact. I had to call some friends and ask them to submit some orders too to be able to check the market book where these orders will show up. It also appears that only the margin call executions are submitted under their assigned “57” broker ID number.
    Since there are no cancellation fees on TSX (that IB will pass on their clients so they can find out and ask questions) by simply canceling and resubmitting the orders every morning IB will simply pocket the TSX liquidity provider fees of $.0027 to $.0031 /share. On a million shares this will amount to min C$ 2700 / day.
    This sure adds nicely to their bottom line but every such resubmitted new “old” GTC order goes back to the end of the line in the market book.
    After reading their latest quarterly report and realizing that they are very profitable but this innovative way of GTC implementation has caused me a lot of troubles I decided enough is enough.
    Unfortunately we do not have any other viable alternative here so I am looking for other Canadian IB clients that have observed this. I also intend to contact the TSX legal department to see if this is indeed “legal” or it is clever way to profit from the system.