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Discussion in 'Forex' started by cornelius, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Is IB known for slippage?
    I want to know if I am going to continue using
    IB for forex.

    It just feels like I got scammed out of 40 pips today.
  2. 4XQs


    Well, it has slippage in the sense that there is a spread and that the order book might move in the timeperiod from you send your order to it arriving at IB. But that's really the nature of an ECN - whether it will be better somewhere else, I don't think so.

    If you have a decent size account there are other options, but all in all IDEALPRO is pretty good for forex. Dependes on the pair of course, as well.
  3. cvds16


    today was the worst day I had for slippage, normally it's really pretty good. It was a rather wild day though today.
  4. I never experienced much slippage from IB when I was using them; but your 40 pip "slippage" was because your trade was executed via IDEAL which has disgustingly wide spreads.