IB and Eurodollar Spreads?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Beach Runner, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. The Eurodollar calendar spreads have disappeared from my screen recently. I've been sending a few e-mails back and forth to IB asking why, but I'm being told they are no longer supported on TWS!

    I've still got the outright futures on the screen but can't get the spreads.

    Does anyone have more information on this? Someone from IB perhaps? Has there been some change at the CME?
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    no - no change at cme. eurodollar spreads are one of their prized canaries so they wont change that for sure!

    you need a new broker - someone who doesnt hinder or limit your available strategies (opportunity), and also has a reliable, user friendly front end. just think - every day you have your account there is opportunity lost - especially with the up and coming u6-u5 spread.

    youre in a losing position. id exercise your stop loss and get out of that brokerage asap.

    got to say this does sound odd. maybe the person you spoke to didnt know what they were on about (surprise, surprise!).

    i expect ib will just come back and tell you to leg in and out - which aint much help is it.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Fred. How very perceptive of you to guess that legging in would be one of the options suggested - which it was!

    I believe the programmers at IB are now looking into this which is obviously some glitch. I'm just surprised no one else has queried it.
  4. just21


    Everybody else trading these has an account with a clearer and is paying a lot lower commission than IB charge.
  5. garbo


    I thought it was me. I pulled up a few years worth of these last week on TWS (particularly z6-z5) and the very next day they went dead.

    Hard to believe that IB would choose to not support these spreads.

    BTW: Does anybody know where to get FREE data on these spreads? I had a Tradestation account but I closed it a while back.
  6. Steve_IB

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    I can get spreads on the TWS. Are you entering them correctly? Type GE, Enter, Select Combo, Select Globex. That brings up the combo template - remember to select Future and then set-up your calender spread.
  7. Thanks for the reply Steve IB. I always do what you've suggested, but this week nothing appears for the GE spreads.

    And Garbo, you are not alone.
  8. alanm


    The "Comb" provides the ability to enter the IB-simulated spreads (for any products). It seems that the "FutSprd" type, which used to handle the native CME spreads, no longer works. Note that I don't trade these products, so this may have been missing for a while, but I remember seeing it at some point.

    There's a significant difference between being able to be on the GLOBEX book bidding or offering a spread and using IB's simulated spread, which effectively only gets you filled when your order becomes marketable (i.e. one outright contract or the other moves up or down a tick).
  9. BKuerbs


    Just entered a calendar spread, only to test it.

    I remember to have them had disappear too. Very annoying.

    I did not try now, but Globex offers Butterflies for GE too. Should be native in TWS.

    Have a nice weekend

    bernd Kuerbs
  10. TGM


    I dont know if you can get charting etc on this data live from CME. I chart them synthetically. I am used to trading them synthetically as well and legging in!

    Did not know I could do a 'combo' in IB. Now I will have to figure out how. Can I use Booktrader to trade it?
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