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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by steeldust, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. hi. whats with Ib and the ecbot platform? everytime things get busy IB loses the ecbot quotes. what a friggin joke that is. their system has been fine for a while now,then all of a sudden everything is screwing up again. so far i've been lucky and haven't had everything go blank while i have had a position but...
    then i get paranoid about doing a trade cause i never know when it will screw up again. this is total crap!
    and its just not with ecbot but when the last fed decision came out globex also malfunctioned.
  2. Yes. Not good. Although I do of course not use IB as my quotes provider, as nobody shall do, I rely on their quotes as backup.
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    we're the 3rd class citizens to IB, we get the 286's as servers :)
  4. I down loaded the new version of tws this morning. I had to bring it up from scratch three different times because when I changed pages it would freeze up. When the market opened, I wasn't even sure whether it would execute. Working fine now. Wish they would leave the god damn thing alone when it is working. Right now I am only testing strategies but if I was a serious trader, I would definitely look for another firm.
  5. Yes its really frustrating with IB, any market event they will loose ecbot feed. I had esinal today working fine when greenspan ended his speech, but IB went dead, I think its IB who is responsible.
  6. Just because Esignal works and IB doesn't does not automatically mean IB is bad. Last year I had the opposite problem, Esignal lagged IB by several seconds for the ES during heavy market activity. I bitched at Esignal and they told me that the data vendors get a different feed from the exchange than the brokers and that at the time the brokers feed was faster.

    I don't know the specifics of the differences, but this is what Esignal told me. The fact that there are 2 different feeds could explain why Esignal has been working and IB hasn't.
  7. Honestly, it is pretty annoying.

    I knew something was up today b/c my quotes all went blank. Then I knew to turn on cnbc. Otherwise, I'd have probably just kept reading the news.

    Still, I think the problem is not on IB's end but the exchange's.