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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by pta123, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. pta123


    Can anyone direct me to a resource that will enable me to use the DDE interface between Excel and TWS? I went through the sample on the IB site and it is no help.

  2. alanm


    You might search the IB discussion board ( http://www.interactivebrokers.com/cgi-bin/discus/discus.pl ) as well as the Yahoo group ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TWSAPI/ ). There's a fair amount of discussion. Also see the API reference in the User Manual.

    Do you have some specific questions? The sample XLS should work as is, an you can look at the formulas within the cells to understand how to create your own. As far as the VBA programming language, there are a number of books on that subject, and probably some resources on the net. Being a programmer already, I learned it from the reference and existing code, so I can't really recommend anything for you in that regard.
  3. It's not clear what your problem is but if it's one of not been able to connect, you don't need extra "resources". You start TWS, go into the drop-down menu and enable dde (that's probably what you neglected to do), and then launch the spreadsheet. In the different sheets of the spreadsheet, you make sure that your account name is the one that is refered to. Yowzah! You're in business...

  4. I am constructing an Excel App that gets quotes from esignal but unfortunately, i am hitting their 500 symbol limit due to the number of option quotes I am fetching. I am thinking of scrapping 3 days worth of work and port app over to TWS DDE. Do they have symbol limits? Stability issues? Thanks
  5. Bob111


    heh..40 symbols limit for stocks(think same goes for options))))

    what a hell you working on? 500 options in realtime? what for? is there any real money there?
  6. Thanks Bob.

    Only 40 symbols jeez, just working on simple scans loading 1 stock at a time so at most using 60 symbols. I don't know if there is money in there ..yet.

    Problem with esignal is even though you are not requesting the symbols it doesnt release the space for the old symbols.. or can they? Anyone from level 2 help can answer that please!
  7. Thinking of buying a computer with AMD 64 bit procesor. Will IB's TWS work with the new 64 bit processor? In general, does the kind of processor determine whether or not an app can run on the pc or is it transparent to the application? Thanks
  8. Could anyone here experienced in IB Active x prgramming explain how many symbols are allowed at a time. I've heard 40 at a time. Does that mean 40 symbols or 40 data fields. In other words if IBM last, IBM bid IBM volume considered 3 or just 1 to be counted against the ticker limit? In addition, I am getting a lot of 0's for data requests this PM. Is Active X down after market hours or does it work less well> Thanks in advance.