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    what a clowns...for days i was trying to convince IB's trading desk that the bond orders are not routed anywhere.i was trying to close couple positions and just unable to do that. after few days of trying i called to bonddesk ECN and guess what-they suspend all relationships with IB from this monday. that's mean for all you us,who do have bonds in IB account that you are will not be able to close any positions anytime soon.
    no single word about it on IB's website.
    nice job IB! well done!
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    do you know why they suspended links to IB?
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    no...feel free to call to bonddesk and ask them.
    but timing is perfect.IB basically freezes our assets.. and as usual-without single word about it.
  4. Sounds ugly.

    I'd expect an explanation and soon.

    Have you asked if they can manually sell for you?
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    yes..no way to close position.
    it's like you put money into deposit box in the bank and bank was closed for no one knows how long..do you have money? yes. can you get it? no. the bottom line-i'm no different than homeless guy on street.

    last CS from IB's trading desk i talk to suggested to open an account in some full service broker and transfer all my positions to that broker and then-try to liquidate. how is this sounds? convenient indeed.
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    after 2 weeks-still nothing from IB and problems are not solved.
    Thank you IB!
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    done this long time ago.no answer
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    here is some info(basically confirming all above)
    couple thins are really pisses me off-first- all trading desk people give me totally different answers. as i said-they either lying or don't know shit about what is going on in their own company. both things are not good at all.

    second-this situation put me in really difficult position and i did not see a real solution. call to IB and ask them to close a position? how they going to do that, if they have no access to any exchange for now? imo-this is just anothr lie right in all customers face.

    and last thing i mentioned already is that they never provide any info about this issue. no single word for weeks.

    what can i say? good job IB!
  10. dude, I understand your pain, but you seem to be blowing smoke when it's not needed.

    it says clearly they have verbal but not tws access to the exchange.

    why are you still questioning the ability to sell?

    now, if you try to sell and they still can't do it, then you have a legit beef.

    but until then you're making a lot of noise about nothing. are you sure you're ok?
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