IB and computer security

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  1. What do you do to to protect your account from hackers? Even though login goes through SSL, there is still the possibility of having a key recorder/trojan sniff out your password. Any suggestions? Any software recommendations?
  2. Dude, you need to get one of those security cards they provide. It provides a second level of login that isn't useful to an eavesdropper.
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    you can use virtual keyboard on top of card or token
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    Don't let a key logger or trojan get installed on your trading computer?
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    I personally don't think it a big issue.
    Their are enough compliance regulations and IB's protocol to ensure funds are wired back to the original place of orgin.

    Under Know your customer rule IB will not (without a lot of headaches) let your funds be wired or transferred else where. which is evident in many posts here.

    IMO IB with reference to funds disappearing will not happen with out a fiducary responsibility.
    We are more likely to find our accounts have penny stock trades via a security breach then some one taking our funds.
    IB also has on record the IP address of each account or accounts that trade in it.