IB and cbot floor data?

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  1. hi all. anyone else having problems with cbot data from IB today?
    specifically grains? i notice when the grain markets get fast,the data stops.today i have no data

    ecbot seems to work fine but not floor data.this has been an ongoing thing.i guess they might be restricting data for some reason to save bandwith? thanks:cool:
  2. etherboy


    Yes, it's been halted. I really wonder whether they run the system on MS Windows. It happened so many times already and it sucks.
  3. i see ecbot halted but cbot floor also? thanks
  4. etherboy


    Sorry, I mean ECBOT.
  5. CONR


    I just spoke with the CBOT. He is expecting it to be back up in 15 min. He said they were about to release an email regarding yest. outage but that won't be happening now. (no shit). He was pretty flustered. What a joke!
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    Guys when ECbot is down like today the pit is still trading. you can trade the $10 Dow contract which would offset two mini DOW. What I dont' know is if IB gives you access to the pit $10 DOW.
  7. Yep. IB has CBOT floor-based ctrcts.

    So no reason to go with a third-tier broker imo.

    Stick with the best, IB. :cool:
  8. i know they have pit acces for the grains and bonds.my data if nfg for grains,thats why i'm bitching!lol. just wanted to see if i'm the only one before i do a trouble ticket.

    or just quit for today sounds better:cool:
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    What's IB's pit symbol for DOW?
  10. etherboy


    I mean $10 DOW
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