IB and basket trading

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by bignatty, May 4, 2004.

  1. bignatty


    I was wondering if I could get some input here. I am not a trader per se. My approach is more mechanical based on fundamentals. I would like to buy anywhere from 30 t0 50 stocks 3 or 4 times per year. Would IB be a good choice for this. I could spend less than 200$ in cmmission there rather than 2000$ at some of the other discount brokers. My question is this. Can you trade from the website or do you have to download a platform to all the computers you would be trading from? Also is it easy to place odd lot orders under 100shares. I not too concerned about execution, but just that I will get filled eventually on some of the illiquid microcaps I would be trading. Any input would be welcome. Thanks.
  2. patsup


    I think there's a minimum fee, of say $10/month (for data) if you don't meet the minimum commission/trading requirement ($30?)

    You can trade from the website if you have Java.

    I think it's easy to place odd lot orders.

    You can't trade bulletin board/pink sheet stocks (unless they're on ISLAND, in which case uhhh I've had my negative personal experiences). Otherwise if they're just illiquid I don't see why they wouldn't get filled.

  3. What negative thing happened to you on ISLD?
  4. I would highly recommend trading with IB, good experience...