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  1. I am looking to replicate the Anvil market-maker box as closely as possible in appearance and function while using IB, for stocks. Does anyone know the best approach to take for this, which window to use (I assume BookTrader would be the place to start?), or if one of the third-party front-ends would help most closely resemble what Anvil traders might be use to?

    I use IB to manage swing trading and for futures, but find it useless for rapid multiple symbol daytrading.

    Any input, advice, direction is much appreciated.
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  3. Is using BookTrader just a matter of clicking in different places than you are accustomed to in order to accomplish the same trades? Or is there some feature of the Anvil MM that is lacking?
  4. It's primarily the speed at which I can actively trade multiple stocks. With Anvil, give me 10 seconds and I can put through that many separate orders on different stocks. In IB I can't seem to get this sort of speed. I seem to have to click here, then use my mouse to click in another spot, add in a symbol. Oh, now I need to tell IB if that symbol is a stock/futures, etc. etc. I need to be able to fly through multiple symbols quickly, without back and forth with mouse and keyboard. In Anvil, I can remain in the symbol box and pop in symbol, enter, hotkey. Next, new symbol, hotkey, next...with no directing it to what vehicle I'm trading, no having to go to the mouse, etc.

    Any advice on this for TWS appreciated.

  5. You might try a third party front end. IB TWS is a bit clunky when speed is the issue.
  6. On it, thanks.

    Any specific suggestions that are geared toward this use?