IB and account values after mkt close??

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nasdaqmadness, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Every evening after the mkt closes I go through my IB account page and reconcile my trades and verify my account values etc. Several times I have had a problem where the numbers are changing as I am trying to do my accounting. For example .. options that have been closed for hours change their closing price. tonight the puts and calls all changed. My account changed also but the change did not match the change in the TWS. My account changed to some values somewhere between the TWS posted and the closes that were posted 15 minutes earlier on my account page. I logged out and back in and all the #s changed again. So I started recalculating and then they changed again.. to some entirely different values. Has any one else had this problem?? This has never happened to me on any closed positions just open SSF and option positions. This is driving me nuts.
  2. Yes, the option price changes as if it's still traded somewhere. The indexes such as SPX and INDU change as well.
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    I'm not sure you can wait until your daily statement is created (usually the morning after), but I use that as my final tally for open positions.
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    Calm down, IB always has the correct account value after things have been liquidated.....calculating before hand is a waste of time. I've had over 100,000 executions (not shares)....and they're always right down to the penny.

    They've got some of the best accounting I've seen at any brokerage firm.
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    I'm not sure about standard options, but futures options revalue constantly overnight. Techinically, the market may be open for them but often there are no orders on either side, so the bid/ask is anyone's guess. IB (Timber Hill) apparently has a model that can evaluate these positions based on the underlying index and assign prices. From my review of these prices and a decent amount of experience trading them, the after hours prices appear to be very accurate.