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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by GeorgeSoros, May 14, 2002.

  1. Hello,

    It seems All In one (stock&future) account was supposed to
    be released somewhere in May...Still no news about it?

    Will it support multicurrency ?

  2. Currently beta test has started for selected accounts (by invitation only).
  3. How does it go ? ok ?

    Can you trade DAX future (Euro) on the same account than ES future and than CSCO for example ?

    When is it expected to be release?
  4. def

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    so far i hear it is going fine. However, since it is a major release it is being beta tested on a limited scale.

    you should be able to trade all the products you mention from one screen assuming you complete all the risk disclosures for the various regulators, etc.

    no promises but if you are interested in being a beta tester, send me a PM. as for a date, i guess it depends on how smoothly the beta tests continue to go.
  5. saxon



    you are talking about trading all products from one ACCOUNT, or just from one screen?

    Being able to trade stocks, options, and futures from one account would be great. Never understood the need to have a seperate account for futures. It should be just another account upgrade (like from stocks...to stocks and options).

    Hope it happens soon.

  6. def

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    It would be like one account on one screen. The issue is not as simpe as you think....
    It actually will have to a be a number of linked accounts since futures need to be seperate from equities and the various countries all require seperate accounting as well.
  7. ktm



    What about multiple stock accounts from one TWS? Further, could you have a different person's account on that screen for trading also (the wife's IRA, for instance). I have occassion to "watch" a few accounts for friends when they are traveling as well. Having all those TWSs resident at once is cumbersome.

    I certainly understand the difficulty of the task. This would seem difficult to pull off. I'm certainly glad IB is giving it a run here.
  8. def

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    ktm, i believe something like that is in the works but it is not around the corner.
  9. Hey GeorgeSoros! With a name like that, we expect you to answer the questions, not to ask them! :D