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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by BlueHorseshoe, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. It is now 12:55pm Hong Kong time and my ES order to Globex is 'blue' or not being submitted to the exchange.

    But of course 'all systems functioning normally' and online chat not available.

    ... whatever.
  2. IB is down for reset now in USA

    but you can contact them by either live chat
    or just call them in H.K.
    if you have a question you need resolved
  3. As I said, chat is unavailable - yes I tried. HK is probably also at lunch. In any event, it is not worth an international phone call. I only get frustrated when I call anyway. :)

    I wasn't aware that those of us on HK or Europe servers still cannot trade Globex when the US servers are reset. Just one more thing to remember ...
  4. def

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    the chat is available and has been working all day. we always have someone one the desk. perhaps you can try again for a test.

    globex: if you are on the HK server, you won't have access during the short period of restarting our software. By 12:15 AM NY time, (1:15 PM HK), you should be able to place orders.

    FWIW, I believe there will be no down time in the near future (I can't give you an exact time frame).

    phone calls: you've got to get one of those call back services where your int'l calls will only cost a few cents per minute.
  5. Thanks Def.

    The chat was 'unavailable' the one instance I tried. Maybe someone stepped away for lunch?

    But sure enough - I logged off and then came back an hour later to find I got an execution even though the order line had turned blue. I suspected something was up when, after cancelling the order, the order line wouldn't disappear. No worries ... even now the pre-market hasn't budged. :)

    Looking forward to the 24hr access!