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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by JORGE, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. JORGE


    For the last two weeks, when trading news related gap plays after hours through IB I receive the message "this contract may only be closed". Two examples tonight are NFLX and UCTT, I bought and sold both and then received the closing only message when I tried to reenter trades.

    Customer service told me that the message was a result of possible bad quotes, but I've been trading after hours through IB since 01, and have never ran into this problem. Has anyone else had a similar experience lately?
  2. no problemo here.
  3. over the margin limit
  4. JORGE


    That has nothing to do with it, I have more than enough equity to meet all margin requirements.
  5. flier


    Have had the same problem on stocks that are well above/below the closing price. IB is flaging stocks biased on a percentage from the closing price now. I get in one trade and then get locked out of another trade. They said they were trying to fix the problem but no results yet.
  6. JORGE


    Seemed like the problem with trading after hours gap plays went away for a while, but this week I've been prevented from opening positions in big percentage movers several times. Extremely annoying to have to contact customer service everytime I want to do a trade. Is anyone else having this problem?