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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Trend Fader, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. I am trying to Sell some of my VRSN in after hours.. and the orders are green but its not not being executed?

    WHy is this happening with IB?
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    Is the quote you are executing against actually real? Maybe you are trying to hit a false quote.
  3. Turns out i forget to deselect the RTH button in order defaults..

    thanks anways..

  4. Moving thread to Order Execution. Please keep hands and feet inside the thread at all times. :p
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    i was trying to close my position on RFX today @ IB. saw that spike down,got into it @ like 18.5 and trying to sell 5-10 minutes later @ 20. place order to sell @ 20. order been accepted(light became green) by NYSE. no execution for good 5-8 min, even price went as high as 21!
    call to Ib(what a joke)-they said-stock did not open yet on NYSE. bs. where it been traded right now-answer-ARCA. ok, did place order to sell @ 20(even if it traded @ 20.5 bid) to arca-no execution for next 3-5 min. but what is really make me sick-i open arca book -and i can't see my order in it.
    the green status(accepted by exchange) order to sell @ 20 sit for good next 10 min and i'm already with IB on phone again(because the bid was like 20.1-20.3) when order finally been executed and i just drop the phone.
    how about that?
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    In this situation IB was correct. The stock opened on the nyse around 10:15am or so. Prior to that, it was just trading on the ecns. You used SMART to send your order, and it defaulted to the nyse since it was after 9:30am. You need to self direct such orders to execute via arca.

    Now you state that you resent another order directly to arca. Did you cancel your first order? Because if you didn't, then that second order would have been treated as a short-sell, subject to the uptick rule and thats why you didn't see it at your sell price.

    In the future when trading volatile stocks at the open, bring up the nyse quote line. If you don't see any quotes, that means the stock has not opened yet.
  7. Htrader,

    I appreciate your postings, in this and other threads, on order routing and execution issues. I hope you keep it up.
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    Thank you HTrader!

    yes, i did cancel order before i send another one to ecn, and again-i was selling @ 20,when bid was way higher, got no fill, no order in ecn book,always keeping only one working order. if nyse is not open yet-why "SMART" did route my order to this exchange and why status color became green? usually,what i know is that if i place order using smart and stock is not open yet on nyse-it goes to ecn automatically, and when stock start traded at nyse-then order from ecn goes to nyse automatically. you can see it in destination field, but not this time.