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  1. Hi, Is it possible to have some type of setup where Jill trades the TWS and Jack puts the money in and out but can not see what Jill is trading? In other words, for investors to have the security of knowing it is their own account and only they can withdraw funds, but the trader has privacy and needn't reveal whats being traded. Is this possible?
  2. Arjun1


    I have an adviser account.
    You can prevent your clients from trading.
    But you can't prevent them from logging onto TWS and taking a look at their account.
    And you can't prevent them from printing out statements for their account.
    What is your real concern? That they would reverse engineer your strategy?
  3. Jack may not want to be yelled at by Jill for drawdowns or for entering into gutsy contrarian trades. Both of them upsets most non-traders.


    Jack doesn't want Jill to invest $10,000 and then piggybacking the trades in her $10,000,000 account to avoid paying fees.

    Solution: incorporate your hedge fund properly, or just return Jill her money.
  4. Appreciate the insight. I'd be concerned about having to 'explain' the trades and so on
  5. Is this feasible for most people? Or do you need financial qualifications. I guess complex is compliance, does it need a seperate expert? If it were incorporated and a good track record emerged, would access to institutional levels of funding be availble thru 3rd parties, or is it still a matter of 'who you know' in order to get funding?
  6. Incorporating an incubator offshore hedge fund will set you back about $5000 for setup and about $2000 per year running costs.
    You can figure out on your own if you're making enough to justify the expense.
    Offshore funds do not require licenses or permits under certain conditions, generally for closed-ended and small private funds, but there are complex rules and reporting requirements if you or your investors are US citizens or residents.