IB - Adjusting Position Size (impossible?)

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Sabia, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Sabia



    I think I am wishing something that is impossible to do but is there any way to adjust the "Quantity" based on a fixed position $dollar size while placing market (MKT) orders?

    In other words, say I want a position size of $10,000 can I adjust the "Quantity" of shares to this $ value and have this order At Market? Automated?

    Even if it was roughly around the $10,000 would be great :D

    Thanks Sabia.
  2. Sabia


    Thanks giggollo! :D

    Does this work without market data and using "Good After Time?"

    I didn't mention that in my post above.

    Is this "Default Amount to Calculate Size" used as a quick way to have the quantity calculated for a trade made straight away?

  3. 10,000 / stock price = Quantity
  4. Sabia


    Thanks forex - I maybe wrong but jeez there are some fantastically sarcastic posts on ET. Sorry if I have msundstood your intentions/big text!

    Did you miss the word - Automated?

    Cheers Sabia.