IB - adding XAU, XAG and other spot metals

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by wobble, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. wobble


    Hi Guys,

    When is IB going to add the following to their platform?

    - Spot Gold XAU
    - Spot Silver XAG
    - Spot Platinum XPT
    - Spot Palladium XPF

    If they did, they would rule the world!

  2. Where is XAU traded?

    Will you be trading options?
  3. just21


    You can trade the gold and silver etf's already with ib.
  4. wobble


    But EFTs only trade during NY market hours and have a lot of gaps.
  5. So, where are you going to trade the XAU?

    You mean, it has no gaps?

  6. wobble


    Just like spot forex offered on IB IDEALPRO.
  7. wobble, you are aware it's not possible to trade cash indexes like $XAU, $SML, $SPX, right?

    They don't have gaps...they're not tradable. It's how they're computed that makes 'em that way but again where are you going to trade them?

    How can IB offer something that can't be traded?

  8. wobble


  9. rosy2


    he means the cash/spot market for the metals; not the XAU index.

    as he already said, the cash metals are traded like the cash currencies but IB doesnt offer them currently
  10. ssss


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