IB: ActiveX vs. Socket Client for new C++ project

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mhoev, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. mhoev


    Hello IB experts,

    there are quite a lot statements in the archive discussing both IB APIs, but after reading them I am perhaps more confused than before... So would you mind to give me a simple advice:

    If I start a complete new project in MS VC++, would you prefer the ActiveX or the Socket Client based API?

    Thanks a lot for your replies!!

  2. The "type of project" question does not really matter indeed,
    it does affect only what empty classes/files the upcoming wizard
    If you want to depend on Microsoft, choose ActiveX, if you want to stay more technology-independend (still depend on win32...),
    do sockets. the interfaces seem to have no real important differences, however, if i were ib, i would focus on activeX, maybe more clients use it.
  3. I would use the sockets API. why add any extra layers of translation? Sockets are universally available across operating systems and programming languages - ActiveX is microsoft only.
  4. Jaba122


    Is it possible to create a socket client using VB? What about library file, how would I import it into VB project?