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  1. syd697


    While I'm on hold for an IB rep, does anyone know how to breakdown the overall margin requirement that IB displays into a margin amount per position? I'm trying to decipher how much margin each of my positions is creating.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Gustaf


    There is a report called margin report if you login to acct mgmt


  3. syd697


    Thanks, but I want to see it in realtime during the day. Any way to do it?
  4. Gustaf


    Ok sorry then, well if youre good at excel then you could do it realtime through the API.

    If you can code you could make a little thingie that figures out what positions you have like covered call or butterfly etc. Will not be totally easy though.

    Sorry its my best shot :eek:
  5. Gustaf


    Oh forgot iam making an option trade scanner, maybe I could develop the margin thing. That is if you REALLY want it :D
  6. syd697


    Thanks again. Your margin "thingie" could be good for everyone. You could post it on the " commercial tools" part of the website. Btw, I don't know how to code, so I'll just have to rely on my best guess as to which positions are using the most margin.
  7. Gustaf


    Which instrument classes would you like to be incorporated

    I have trading access for US stocks, options and bonds.

    Which are you using?
  8. syd697


    My positions include stock, stock options, futures, futures options, ETFS, ETF options. No bonds though.

  9. Been out of the business for 2.5 years and getting back into it with a friend as we are starting a hedge fund. What firm do you guys recommend opening an account with. Looking for the firm that will give us the most buying power overnight. We have series 7 and 55 licenses although mine have expired.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Gustaf


    Ok. I start writing something for options since i need it myself and then we see how it works out. I guess futures and others are easy.

    Then the margin reports can be used to check whether we calculate correctly. :p
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