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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by nassau, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. nassau


    I am wondering if anyone experienced in the afternoon incorrect information in the account window of tws. (this issue has been on and off since the IB bulletin with reference to the new margin restrictions)

    Several of the traders account window information was not and is still not updating and showed incorrect numbers in the available for trading section and look ahead until a few minutes before close.

    I had to rebalance their accounts for them as their overnight section was incorrect with their present positions. I realize it is the traders responsibility to ensure they are inside their trading parameters but as most are trading a quick glance in the account window is done to ensure they are, as we know futures margin requirement changes constantly with the price.

    Several received bulletins requesting them to adjust their portfolio right a 4pm as previously they were well inside their intraday, look ahead and overnight compliance numbers in the window.

    If we had not noticed this earlier in the afternoon and adjusted the portfolio's as per IB's present intraday margin restrictions several of the less experienced traders could have ended up several thousand dollars down for the day.

    We have also noticed that we have not been able to place one short contract in er, es, nq in some of the accounts yet they could place a working order of 4 contract to go long. This has been going on for the last couple of days also.

    Very frustrating let alone the time it takes.

    End result today was 3 of the remote traders got caught in Nq and ER for several thousand dollars or a week for free.

    apppreciate any comments

  2. Lucrum


    The only problem I have is that the realized P&L amount will become inaccurate, usually after 2:pM. It happens at least once a week. I mentioned to CS, they are aware of it and had at the time no plans to fix it.
    Simple addition and subtraction. How tough can it be?
  3. nassau


    Not really an issue if only for yourself.

    The issue comes when a trader prints his or her daily trades end of day and IB shows realized P/L as X and when the accountant downloads the current trades and the fact the first in first out rule occurs, during the trade, the traders true profit value is always different until they become flat. Once they take on a trade again in that particular stock or future they see an inaccurate daily value vs overall as they have previously traded that entity.
    I usually have them only show the unrealized profit in their trading window for clarification during the intraday trades.

    appreciate you post