IB account valuation SNAFUs with ICE

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by SideShowBob, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Around 4:15 PM today (EST) I noticed my account valuation was off by several thousand dollars, which I eventually traced to the valuation of my cotton and euro gas oil futures being priced at the previous day's settlement prices. Thankfully this didn't cause any margin problems, but what if it did?

    Is anyone else having this problem? I'm using TWS 909.

  2. Now that cotton is back open it seems like they didn't update the price to yesterday's settlement price at all ... what is this a bucket shop where everything is hand-edited?

    Say it ain't so IB!!!! :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    If you're seeking info i would hope you could be a bit more pleasant on how you do it.

    I know you're talking tongue and cheek but there is a rumor floating around it that our team of monkey's forgot to hand edit the settlement price when going through the millions of products in our system. They thought they could pull a fast one byskipping the letter "I" on our list of 80+ markets worldwide. But alas, our clients are way too smart to pull a fast one like that by them....

    Now if you believe that I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. More likely, the issue is related to the ICE changing their starting hours this week to accommodate the time differences between European and US time (europe fell back this past weekend while the US falls back this upcoming weekend).

  4. Def,

    It was not meant as an insult, just a joke. That said, if you guys are using a monkey that is the problem, you need to use a chimp like your competitors :D :D

    The ICE document theoretically could explain Sugar/Cocoa problems but I'm not seeing issues with sugar but only Cotton and the ICE Europe products. I do understand the ICE Europe products always have strange settlement prices so that's not such a big issue (although I've never seen problems like this before) but Cotton is ICE US and shouldn't be affected.

    The problem I am worried about now is that until Cotton opened last night it was showing a "market price" of 1.24 when the actual price was 1.34. Say Cotton rises another 0.1 to 1.44 over two days ... if the problem isn't fixed you could see margin calls (based on the invalid settlement price) in accounts that are actually showing large unrealized gains. This would be a disaster....

    Anyway, please head to the zoo and secure some price update chimps ASAP (or hang out by the E-Trade offices and just hire them away). I did open a ticket last night via chat and supposedly that is being looked into....FWIW....
  5. Just got a call from Nigel @ IB, he followed up a second time and traced the problem, it should be fixed soon.

    Def, no need to steal chimps away from E-Trade, let their customers enjoy the chimp goodness. :D :D

  6. Yup it's fixed now.
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    Glad it is fixed, wouldn't want their chimps anyway - ours are much better :)