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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Bob111, May 22, 2011.

  1. Bob111


    wft is wrong with this page? i'm having a hard time using their messed up TWS with all those bugs\glitches, now same s**t is spreading on website?

    management login page. you enter user name, password->index numbers shows up(for those with cards)-you type those numbers, press login-> nothing happens, on page you see user name filled, password blank, index numbers are gone. no errors,mistakes,wrong user\password,whatever..wtf is wrong once again?

    no problem reported on website.
  2. pilPopr


    IB screwed the interface up like around 6-12 months ago. Seems to be Adobe Flash issues. They brought in a version of flash that has compatibility problems, so anyone using gnash firefox 2 will only get about half the functionality. Even if you comply with IB's published browser requirements, it's still not good enough. You're really forced to stay with bleeding-edge versions.

    I'm always disgusted when a bank or broker decides to go the route of a casino, and implement flash. It's an unprofessional poor choice for financial institutions to leave customers behind so they can show flashy whistles and bells.
  3. pilPopr


    i replied, but it didn't stick for some reason.

    To be brief, yes, it's a problem.. too much flash on their page expecting clients to have the latest tools.

    IMO, Adobe Flash is for online casinos.. not banks and brokers who need to be somewhat professional. It's a shame FI's are willing to leave people behind who are using slightly dated tools (or open tools like Gnash), all so they can show flashy whistles and bells.

    I can only use about half the functionality of IB's web account access.
  4. Bob111


    what's the solution? to have latest version of browser and flash?
    i don't like this adobe flash sh**t at all. because there is updates like in IB's TWS-every week or so...not to mention experience from past,where if you decide to update flash-they will automatically install some mcafee crap...
  5. It happens when they are down for maintanance. They do not report any errors and it looks like nothing happens when you try to log in.
  6. Bob111


    dunno...old page was fine
  7. I don't install flash or acrobat. But when I have to use sites that require them, I run Google Chrome, which comes with the latest versions built in. I don't use Chrome for any other sites.