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  1. I was wondering if anyone has knowledge about where is actually an Interactive Brokers account for EU residents physically located - which sovereign jurisdiction. I am pretty sure that usually is not located in the country of residence but is it in US or in a specific EU country, same for all EU accounts.

    And, related, what kind of legal investor / capital protection is available for a such account.

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    I had to transfer EUR to Frankfurt,Germany. Not sure about other currencies. I've heard IB is considering moving from UK to Switzerland due to brexit.
    Last time I checked the UK investor protection amount was significantly lower than the US FDIC insurance.
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    It is considered an offshore account for EU citizens located in the US. The balance and sales are reported to the OECD annually and then the data is shared with your local tax office.
  4. Are you saying that, when an EU resident, not related in any way with US, buys German stocks using IB as a broker, US DoJ has jurisdiction over him? I really doubt it.

    Can you post something in support of your statement?
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  6. Thank you for the link but is does not support you statement nor is related to the discussed topic.
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    Why would onshore accounts be reported to the OECD?
  8. I believe it is the UK. See bottom of their home page: https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/home.php