IB a/c currency conversion

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  1. My a/c with IB is in base currency of GBP. All the time I earn some income in EUR and USD. My GBP net fluctuates depending on exchange rates. Periodically I can convert EUR and USD to GBP manually.

    But is there a procedure where IB will covert them automatically at the end of the day all my balances from EUR and USD to GBP?

    Thanks for the information. I am trying to avoid currency fluctuations.
  2. moarla


    there will be always some small rest after a conversion that has influence on the "FX portfolio". as you dont want that smallest rest to see it in the FX trading windows you can do that:
    -open your account windows
    -open the fx portfolio
    -there you see the small rest
    -right click on that line
    -choose adjust position and cost
    -you can do whatever you want , it does not have any inpact on real positions, only has influence how it apears on your account or position windows
    -out in 0 on position or avg.price

    then it should be clean .

    Dont know if that helps...