I´m very worried

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  1. Hi,
    I go two years make trading in a eurex future.

    My problem is that I don´t obtain win money with the markets.

    Though I have the perception that i am improving with the time.
    But to be two years losing money it me causes emotional hurts(damages).

    I it have proved almost everything, systems, strategies with risk / remuneration 1/3, with 1/1 trying(meaning) that the fiability was high, scalpping,etc
    But I do not manage to start gaining money.
    You use all the time trailing stop?
    You can give me a It designs someone to obtain a strategy hopefully positive?

    Me podeis to give algun advice?
    Thank you
  2. 2yrs....8 to go; be patient
  3. I do not think it is possible to trade correctly when fear is present. You must have enough funds so that your losses do not upset you or paper trade.
  4. KS96


    ...2-3 to go :)

    Which contract are you trading?
    I recommend you avoid the Bund Casino until you become profitable elsewhere first.
  5. Think outside of the box, perhaps what makes sense to you and you perceived improvement is the problem in itself...

    Perhaps, If the approach to your market is like everybody elses then it will not work.

    find an edge...do not try to find tops and bottoms, just get up on your board, and grab some of the wave...

    I want you to paint some ZONES on your chart and pay attention to the overlaps ok?


  6. i trade more or less the entire world.
  7. KS96


    The question & recommendation was going to cataloniafree. But anyway...good to know what you are trading.
  8. Lorenzo


    My advice is simple:

    - only one market to trade, with low volatility (mini Dow)

    Put on your chart the OHLC of the previous day and analyze the first hour of market activity, after the open

    - small size quantity, scalping breakout levels for few ticks

    - tight stops

    - max 2/3 trades per day

    - NO FEAR

    When you have regained more confidence on your trading skills, you will be prepared for the next step....to become a day trader


  9. What markets,strategy and time charts you recommend?
  10. And What time you think necessary to start winning
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