"I’m not a roaring bull, but this is the best shape we’ve been in since 97

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  1. i thought,accordings to the republicans, the economy was going to be destroyed when the dems were elected. instead things are improving everywhere. got to be depressing,if you are a right winger and see things get better in the face of your best efforts at obstructionism:

    The Genius Who Invented Economics Blogging Reveals How He Got Everything Right And What's Coming Next
    For one thing, it's always been right. In its early days, when we all started reading it, it was way ahead of the curve in terms of warning about the housing bubble, horrible bank lending practices, and generally the economic collapse. From his perch in Newport Beach, CA he could see first hand the people taking out loans worth 10x their income, filling their Inland Empire garages with Harleys and Boats that they obviously couldn't afford.

    But unlike many other bloggers who made a name during the crisis, he didn't stick with the doom and gloom message. He started making arguments for a GDP rebound in 2009.

    Then in February of this year, he made his most important call: He announced: The Housing Bottom Is Here. McBride had officially come full circle from his days warning of housing collapse. Today, 8 months later, the housing bottom is becoming general consensus.

    In addition to being correct on the economy, Calculated Risk has imparted the internet with other good practices, such as dutifully charting out the data, and examining data in an impartial, apolitical, non-hysterical manner.
    He's the inventor of what we at BI call "The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever" which shows how this jobs recovery compares with other post-recovery comebacks.
    He also tracks relatively unknown indices, like the Architectural Billings Index, or the ATA Trucking Index, and hotel occupancy rates, or the Restaurant Performance Index.

    In a 30-minute conversation with Business Insider, he explained how charting these numbers every single month for nearly 8 years has allowed him to "let (the data) tell you a story," and accurately track each twist and turn we've seen during this historic period for the U.S. economy.

    Because he's been so uncannily good at assessing the state of the economy, we had to get his take on what's coming next. Despite some concerns about the Fiscal Cliff, and the omni-present threat of a Europe blowup he says "I’m not a roaring bull, but looking forward, this is the best shape we’ve been in since ’97."
  2. yep you guessed it another cut n paste
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    "Genius Who Invented Economics Blogging"
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    In other words, you have nothing.
  5. how does someone with the username "free thinker" copy & paste from a source with obvious special-interests like business insider.

    Despite what some want to believe, the economy is going down the toilet. Unless you really haven't been paying attention - both the democrats and republicans are responsible for destroying this economy and have left us with a debt that will never ever be paid back. The only option will be Greek-style austerity. You simply can't your visa card off with your mastercard and then pay that off with your discover card. It'll never work.
  6. lol. now there is thinking.
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    Says the non trading communist trolling a trading web site.
  8. This is your conclusion and you want to know why Free Thinker reads or posts articles from Business Day.