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  1. torero


    Hello Traders.

    Well i have a few question.
    I´m a beginner and want trade just the S&P 500 MINI.
    And i want start wit 3000$ to get practice.

    Is that possibel with 3000 beginn trade Eminis s&P Realtime ?

    I have see a broker he write
    # $500 - Cash account.
    # $2000 - Margin account. (intraday leverage: 2 to 1 buying power)
    And i see 5$ Trade is that round turn ?
    is from xoomtrade.
    And read here good things about this broker.
    Also i can start with just 3000 buy and sell realtime the Emini S&P ?
    I think 3000 margin is enough ?
    And can i trade after houers ?

    I have try many Demo accounts in the last month and get some practice.

    Well and thx if anyone give me some tips or tell me that i try better other broker.

    Many THX if anyone answer me.
    And sorry for my bad english
  2. DeepC


    I don't think you can trade futures with xoom trade.
  3. Xoomtrade offer stocks, not futures. And that $5 is for
    unlimited # of shares pluse ECN charges.

    yes, you can start trading ES, NQ with 3000$. Global
    futures is one that accept this
  4. nkhoi


    soon 3000$ will become 0$ if you don't even know what can you trade.
  5. You can trade ES with an account of $2000 at Interactivebrokers.com. I really think this is a good introduction to trading as long as you can afford to lose the $3000. Once you get an idea how easy it is to lose $3000 you might be able to get a true perspective on things.
  6. torero


    Is not possibel with IB to trade the mini futurs with 3000$ ?

  7. torero


    easyrider thx for answer.

    yess i know the mini ES is 50$ per Point.
    I will trade houers where the range is normaly not so great.

  8. His problem
  9. You just proved that you will be losing money. You have to
    do exact opposite this strategy. Remeber risk/reward, and
    trade during first 2hours of opening and 2-3pm where
    markets has momentum on its side and trendier, for the
    first few monthes
  10. Search for a simulator first. Then build a strategy and your confidence.

    Trading futures is a competition. I would never join a marathon competition if i had just learned to crawl.
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