I would think beyond the UK/US terror plot!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Aug 10, 2006.

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    YEP!! Probably the only hero congress ever had in a long long time!!

    Too bad he's not around today. He'd give the ZioNazis a good run for their money. The communists of yesterday and todays ZioNazis.
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    Israel is the most racist state to ever exist.

    As a Christian if I were to apply for a Zionist passport tomorrow, I'd be flatly denied.

    However if I were to go to some Rabbi and profess to be a Jew convert, I'd get a passport the next month in the mail.

    Do you deny that?
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  3. It would only be history repeating itself. There was a small faction of Japanese soldiers in WWII who were determined to commit suicide to stop the U.S. from the inevitable victory in the Pacific. We finally developed the technology, and political opinion during the time was that it would be less costly to both our troops and the enemy, to send the unmistakable message that if Japan didn't immediately surrender, it would be completely eliminated from existence.

    The average American does not care about men with bushy beards and black turbans. The average American cares about $3 per gallon gas and being able to take a tube of toothpaste on a trip to Hawaii or the Virgin Islands.

    It seems silly to make such comparisons, as to suggest that a cannister of Old Spice is worth more than the entire population of Teheran.

    But, the reality is, to the average American (stupid or not) -- the Old Spice is worth more, and if the President and Congress start really hearing that message, then Iran and Syria will be vaporized.
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