I would think beyond the UK/US terror plot!!

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  1. Right doesn't need to be rationalized.

    Right is in the eyes of the beholder, you are not right, you're self-righteous and politically correct - huge difference (no offense)

    No, right is in the eyes of the law.

    Strawman. Obviously I am an exception, as I have stated my views quite clearly that both sides are wrong.

    Good for you, most of the people who claim that both sides are wrong also claim that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" when talking about Hezbollah. Glad to know you don't think so.

    I can understand what motivates someone to terrorism, the desperation, but I don't support the unlawful behavior.

    I don't believe in banning any religious belief.

    You don't believe in criticizing countries that do ban religious beliefs because "it is not your job", yet you never hesitate to bash Israel, for whatever reason you feel it IS your job.

    I criticize the behavior of Israel as it relates to their foreign policy, not Judaism.

    It is unlawful to ban any religious belief in America,

    So we should make it lawful, laws change according to the will of the voters, let's make it lawful and ban Islam.

    We have a system in place to change laws, it is called the Constitution.

    I understand your point. I understand Romans throwing Christians to lions, the Spanish Inquistion, heretics being burned at the stake, the Salem Witch trials, the Nazis burning of Jews, the KKK killing Jews, Henry the VIII killing Sir Thomas Moore, the actions of McCarthyism, the Communists killing clergy members, etc., etc., etc.

    Well, none of the innocent victims mentioned above blew up innocent civilians. Besides I don't advocate killing them, I merely suggest that we should ban their hateful religion. They can continue practicing their beliefs in at least 100 muslim countries where all other non-muslim beliefs are outlawed.

    Again, rationalizing denial of religious freedom, the foundation of this country.

    That you consider yourself an American yet wanting to ban a religious belief, no that I don't really understand.

    Some religious beliefs lead to crime and need to be banned.

    Show that data that American Muslims who practice belief in Islam engage in crime at a higher rate than other Americans who are not Muslim.

    Seriously, sound like a KKK member talking about Jews or blacks.

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    Yes, and my ancestors were there, on both sides of the Indian battles and I am here to tell you that they learned that battles can get you hurt and killed.....

    I have been thinking today about what would happen if those terrorists blew up 20 planes. I concluded that life for Muslims in the US would take a serious downturn, they might even be all rounded up and sent back if our culture had balls. It is amazing how they can treat everybody like shit in their own countries and come here and demand we change our ways to accomodate them. I think that goes with the inbreeding, the more the inbreeding the more the hatred of outsiders, and the more the center of gravity of the body lowers too.

    I was at the Ronald Reagan Museum today and I was reminded that about the last thing we need to do is to change our ways to accomodate Muslims, or the far left. It still pisses me off the way we sold out those guards at Abu Grabe prison, we should have told the world "if you don't like hazing incidents then stay out of our jails". I got to stroll through the Air Force One plane that Reagan used BTW, it was cool.

    On another subtopic, is ZZZZadinfinitum a Muslim?? I thought he was a far left kook all this time. If obnoxious is ever an olympic sport I want him on America's team.
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  3. I criticize the behavior of Israel as it relates to their foreign policy, not Judaism.
    OK, I get it, you criticize Israel but you don't criticize religious intolerance in the muslim world, you have no problem with muslim countries banning all other religions but you don't want this country to ban Islam because you're so tolerant and open-minded. And yeah, you don't criticize judaism so you don't need to criticize muslim religious persecution - nice strawman and amazing intellectual dishonesty.
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  4. I have stated that I don't support religious intolerance, period.

    Especially in America.

    I just don't think it is our business to tell other countries how to run their own shows.

    Are we going after Red China and the controls they put on their people?


    Now that is real intellectual dishonesty, to be talking about what the practices of one country are toward its people, and doing major business with another country that has a repressive regime.

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  5. So hypothetically if Israel were to ban Islam or start evicting Israeli arabs or discriminate against Israeli religious minorities you would say that it's not your job to tell other countries how to run their own shows, you'd be absolutely quiet on this issue just like you are absolutely silent on the issue of muslim intolerance in the arab/muslim world, right?
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  6. If Israel were to ban Islam, that is their right as a soverign nation actually. Would such an action help to bring peace to the area?

    Should we continue to fund and support repressive regimes?

    No, in theory, but we do support China in their repressive regime because the bottom line is we want them to continue to float us loans (buy our bonds). As long as we are supporting China in the manner we do, we really have no business talking about the wrongs of the oil rich countries.

    Same with Saudis, we are afraid to rock the boat there and question their repressive regime for fear of oil supply being cut off.

    How many times do I have to repeat this:


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  8. You just proved my idea to be the only solution to solve our little terrorism problem.
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    Google Forced Forest Labor Camps. Jews next!! :D

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  10. Sad to say I just about have to agree with your take on the issue. This shit keeps up, averge joe American is going to say, enough, waste em all. The world will change big time and probably not for the better, but you're right, the Muslims will cook first, and we may be so pissed by that point that'll be good enough. The optimist in me says we and they will come to our senses before that happens. The realist in me says radical Islam has no senses to come too.
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