I would think beyond the UK/US terror plot!!

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  1. Personally I would think beyond the uk/us terror plot. It has not been al qaeda's mo to just do basic terror plots as exactly the same before. And they always have multiple terror plots happening at exactly the same time. It is definately not a time to sit down with our hands and clap that it was successful, but to think outside the box. They only captured 20 guys. And you connect the dot with the missing egyptian students. There must be more to the story then just planes. Please the stupid adminstration be up to the ball this time and not do a stupid iraq Mission accomplish speech. Think outside the box. Bush thinks these guys are muslim hillbillies. But if you look at them they are engineers, scientists, chemists, professors,and etc. Think outside the box. This could only be the tip of the iceberg.
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    Bending over and grabbing our ankles is the only way to win the hearts and minds of Muslims. The U.K has the worst case of self-loathing and “white man’s guilt.” They have been grabbing their ankles for a long time and that’s why they have the most radicalized Islamist enclaves (in Londinistan) the West has ever seen.

    I don’t think these types of Muslims can survive in America. However, we do have cases of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome”


    And we also have these stupid cultural exchange programs set up by lazy cultural relativists who still believe there is something productive in having young Muslim foreign men in Montana.

    I’m sure there are Imams all over the place instructing young Muslim men to plant their seeds in the far corners of non-Muslim land. As if anyone believes these Egyptian men had any interest in America’s culture. The only interest they have is to plant their Islamist seeds in America’s Last Place.
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    By the way, “Mission Accomplished.” The Brits caught ‘em. They can plot all they want. As soon as they ramp up, they get busted. And the reason the 11 Egyptians were allowed to roam around in the States is because they probably have nothing to do with plots or terrorism, other than what I suggested: plant their seeds in Montana.
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    Something to think about:

    We are always told a small minority of muslims are terrorists; but why are the majority of terrorists muslims?

  5. I agree, we do need to think outside the box. The only way to stop terrorism is to kill every single muslim on the planet period.

    That will stop terrorism.

  6. The right wing is doing everything in their power to politicize this situation, focusing on the Connecticut voters and the rejection of Leiberman as all that is wrong with the democratic party.

    It is the gross politicizing of this issue in partisan terms that is divisive, and plays exactly into the hands of those who wish to terrorize the US.

    In the right wing, everything they do is about terrorism, and everything they do is beyond question or scrutiny.

    Downright disgusting...but not as disgusting as the voters who fall for it.

    So far, I see the score continues to be terrorists winning, and the people of America losing.
  7. So you are suggesting genocide, including all Muslims in the USA, right?

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    As an Islamic Pakistani living in America you have an axe to grind. Coral your own people if the reaction by American's bothers you.
  9. That you need to tell lies and utilize ad hominem attacks, is typical of uneducated boorish Chicagostyle right wingers...

  10. Yeah, he is suggesting genocide, what else do you think he is suggesting when he is talking about killing all muslims? Or do you really think you can intimidate him into becoming politically correct with the word "genocide"?

    Anyway I disagree with sputr, while his idea certainly has merits I think instead of killing all muslims we should ban islam in this country just like a lot of other dangerous religous cults are already banned. It can also be done in canada and europe. Muslims would have to either convert to Christianity, Judaism or any other "legal" religion, leave the country, be deported or go to jail.

    Hey, Chrisitanity and Judaism is banned in virtually all muslim countries, I don't remember you ever criticizing them.
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