"I would raid the corporate offices with the FBI and SEC."

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  1. "Someone or something somewhere got us into this financial mess. Now someone somewhere is going to get us out. Along the way I hope that heads roll, people are thrown in jail, and the Wall Street investment banks that created this mess are never allowed to exist in any way shape or form in the future.

    It's time to kick ass and take names.

    The first place I would start kicking would be the investment banks. I would raid the corporate offices with the FBI and SEC. I would sue CEO's, executives, and traders to reclaim the massive bonuses they received over the past eight years. I would take them out of their offices in handcuffs, and parade them in front of the entire world.

    The second place I would visit would be the headquarters and trading offices of head funds. Head funds are made up primarily of former Wall Street investment types who have over leveraged themselves to create turmoil in the financial markets. I would look for illegal short selling activity, and if found, I would close their operations immediately.

    These two groups of manipulators have done the bulk of the damage to the equity markets. Some are obviously honest and legitimate, but the rest are no better than the criminals that run organized crime. In many cases they have been above the law because the laws put in place to regulate you and I, and do not apply to them."

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    That sound like adolph Hitler

    Stupid is as stupid does

    Head funds?! This guy is a peace of work!

    Highscollers should be banned from financial blogging les some pour soul take em seriously
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    You need to join one of those head funds and get a new head
  4. What's a "Highscoller" ????
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    Yes my sister sashe.

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    After you tell me what head fund is. I tell you what highscoller is. :)
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    Funny, your outraged over people who didn't force you to hand over the money.

    but your governments confiscates 50% of your wealth annually at the point of a gun, and sentences your children to permanent indebtedness to the state.

    They fly in private jets, have private cooks, free housing, free healthcare, and just got their 3% pay increase in December.

    Are you angry because Obama and his cronies, with their enablers in the media tell you to be angry.

    The SEC and FBI are lap dogs for the corrupt.

    Perhaps you should stop being a sheep
  8. Is that right..
  9. He obviously meant "hedge funds" you moron.