I would like to see Lewis and Pandit Buy Down here

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by myoffices, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. I would like to see some buying down here like 2 million dollars worth. Also If they believe in the HYPE they should put their money where their mouth is.

    Insider buying will bring some confidence here. Ken and Vick start buying here and share the pain...

    What do you think ? I:confused:
  2. pandit will use cows as collateral
  3. I was really down today and I am happy to say your quote made me chuckle. I wish I could draw because that would be a classic picture.

  4. LOL Pandit's cows and this guy's camels (over his right shoulder). :D

    <img src=http://s.wsj.net/media/alwaleed_art_257_20081124161724.jpg>
  5. LOLING.
  6. he'd be buying with money he stole from you, so who's laughing?
  7. My strategy is simple up 100% take 50% of the table and let the rest ride. If it goes from 6 to 10 then margin at 10 30% all the way up every 5 points.

    The trade of the century. Even though It may come back.
    myoffices is still tht king what a trade. C and BAC. Its not over yet but its a start.
  8. I told the prince to buy more and looks like they traded some camels to buy more. I am wondering is there still shorts out there from prior to the Ban on shorting C? I never checked. To quick a trade and everyone telling me I was nuts.

    If this goes to 5 its a run to 7 then 9. Im wondering If I should be trading my position intra day or is it too risky?
  9. Sorry Pal, I'm still loling.