I would like to buy or exchange info...

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  1. I am interested in buying or exchanging some good information, for example:
    · Some good newsplay picks
    · Early up or downgrades in media
    · Info about big sellers or buyers on certain stock
    · Level II headfakes
    · Any good tricks or edges getting important information
    · Etc...

    If u have smth. good to share or sell, please contact gpoint.fm@gmail.com
  2. so ... any prospects?
  3. Sorry, but what is a level two headfake?
  4. to 5yrtrader:
    Market makers tricks on level II .... some kind of patterns
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    I am working on all of this stuff, but it is only research and I doubt even when it is consumated that I would be set up to sell the information in realtime. This is because I believe the "standard" data agreements you sign with the exchanges preclude you from giving information to others as a "service", even though you may only be saying, "buy XYZ" based on the analysis of the data. The data and analysis of that data is meant for your use only.

    If you mean just the patterns without the programming on realtime data or the calls based on that data, what would that be worth to you and how would I prove it?

  6. We work with a firm that offers Real time market moving news and intraday tier-1 comments from various resources on the street. Also we have morning summaries and up/down grades from each firm sent in the morning and afternoon by email, if you are interested in a free trial please let me know.

    Thank you
  7. I`d like to clarify:
    If you get live research (trading calls) straight from any known brokerage firm (no intermediaries like Briefing, Fly, etc. please), then I would be interested in dealing with you. I also have very good information for exchange that could benefit both sides.
  8. Try MCM Moneywatch or MMS
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    So you would like some good ole fashion Insider Information piped through to you each morning. Hey?
  10. Nordic,
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