I Would Like To Become A Trader

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    Choose a broker, just open an account and start trading. It's real easy and you'll make millions within the first month, guaranteed :D
  3. 1) Amazon.com and start reading.

    2) get a brokerage account but DO NOT trade. Just watch and try to understand what you are looking at based on your readings and research.

    3) Once you can come up with a resemblance of a plan that fits your personality, paper trade it for a year. In a sense, take ownership of it.

    After that, you will know what/who else you might need, or determine this is not for you.
    Final confirmation comes with you turn live.

    All is all, be PROACTIVE.

    The other route (main stream), get a MBA/(Quant MS/PhD) from a top school, and then apply to join a firm. They will train you to trade THEIR money, THEIR way, with SOMEONE breathing down your neck, but a FAT paycheck at the end.

    you pick based on your personality.

    good luck.
  4. Thank you for all your help 8~)
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    Jim Simons will do I guess :)
  6. how do I get contact with Jim Simmons?
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    Read some books like trading for dummies or something that has some basics.

    Open an account. There are a number of brokers but TD ameritrade has the thinkorswim platform that a lot of traders like and is easy to handle and use as you catch on. They will give you a basic run through over the phone on how to enter trades. They also have swim lessons everyday that explains all the basics of trading stocks and options. They have online and phone help that you can get help with basic questions about anytime (except specific stocks to trade). You can open the account anytime and fund it later. Once you open the account, you can download TOS and use their paper money account for free. Then fund your account anytime. Best way to learn is by actually doing it and paper money helps with the mechanics. However, the only way to deal with the emotions of winning and losing real money is to trade a real money account.

    I take it you are only interested in trading stocks and not options or futures? If you want to trade options, then there are some secrets you need to know before opening an account with any broker or they won't let you do it.
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