I would like to backtest 1 system, can someone help me

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by aigo, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. aigo


    I am a discretionary trader and I have never used a mechanical system so far... but I also have been successfully trading forex so far...
    For the first time, I have created a mechanical system I would like to backtest... I have 0 knowledge in programming and would like to find someone able to backtest it for me and/or provide me the script for metatrader. I am not describing the system here but all I can say is that it does not use anything other than the daily and 3H. USD/CHF OCHL chart and a very precise timing and set of rules relative to price action.
    I have papertraded it on different monthly period and got about 95% success rate and very minimal loss when it happens. I tried it live during the past month (trader knows how it has been difficult to be successful in the past few weeks) and only 1 day obliged me to give back few $... Since it is the first time I created a mechanical system... and I am not a big believer in it... I have been impressed by my own result and would like to really test it out on 6 years data. Let me know if you are interested and if you can do it. I will provide the precise rules. If successful with the result I want to use it in parallel with my actual discretionary trading system.
    Thank you
  2. azmi


    i am an fx trader with a bank - we have tons of data going back almost 20/30 yrs...perhaps I can help...what exactly is it that you require?
  3. Hi there,

    if you want, I may help you on this issue because I have the data and the skills to test any strategy