i would be greatfull of advice for my new computer

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pocrel, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. pocrel


    Hi all, i am looking to buy a new computer for trading, i trade in the uk using mt4 and spreadbetting websites such as Ig index

    i would like to run 2 monitors with it

    this is the computer i am looking to buy :


    now i have a few questions and i would really appreciated if someone who has a bit of tech knowledge to answer them

    i trade off 30 min time frames and would have 3 mt4 accounts running at once and 2 spreadbetting accounts

    i do not intend to use it for anything else

    i was wondering if anyone knows if these sites and platforms would slow that computer alot? or would thats be ideal for what i am doing

    also would i need to buy a video card for the 2 monitors?

    and finally can i buy 2 lcd tv's to use instead of computer monitors or would that just not work

    thanks a million for any help


  2. LeeD


    Hi, my guess is you should be fine with this computer but I haven't used the platforms you are looking yet. So, in al honesty, I have no idea.

    With this model you will have to buy a video card as the motherboard supports only 1 monitor...

    If you want to used TVs it's better to get a card that supports at least 2 monitors in itself....

    If it's solely for trading, cards based on Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 are the best... but you can also get one of the recent ATI cards, just make sure the card has at least 2 digital outputs (DVI-D, HDMI or DisplayPort).

    You can.

    Just remember a few things:
    1) A TV should have an HDMI (very common) or DVI-D (common in monitors but rare in TVs) input
    2) Don't buy lower resolution than 1920x1080 ("full HD")
    3) Larger size doesn't necessarily mean you can place more charts on the screen. You need higher resolution to place more charts. Monitors with higher resolutions than 1920x1200 have a steep price premium. I am not aware of any TVs that have higher resolution than 1920x1080. Larger size still means you can comfortably see the picture from further away.