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  1. I told you I only need 1 handle a day, but this is gonna catch up with me
    Always in
    long 855
    short 854 -1.00
    long 855.25 -1.25
    short 856 +.75
    long 857 -1.00
    close 861.25 +4.25

    Days Work 6 rt +1.75
  2. I changed my mind so many times, I was starting to sound like Thomas Edison sending an important telegraph message the way I was hitting those size up size down hotkeys
  3. 5 r/ts that's even better, You know, I can think of about a hundred better ways to try to pocket a handle, but I never think of them at the time, it's always afterwards.

    I figure, aw heck, I'm already in and feeling sick to my stomache, what's the point in starting all over again?
  4. prof,

    Are you another incarnation of FPC?? -----> just checking
  5. I was inspired after opening my Visa bill. Boy there sure were a lot of amazon.coms on there. Speaking of which, that's where I'm headed right now. I want to check out those Koppel books.

    Like the Boy Scouts always say, be sure you have plenty of books to read before you start your next drawdown.
  6. @profitseeker,

    did i tell you about my project with colours already ? no ? ok, you know, on the one hand you can have a chart with a background in white and the upcandle in green, downcandle in red...pretty ugly i would say, aggressive contrast, not very supportive imo...im talking about the subconscious...on the other hand you can have a background in black and candels in green, like sitting in a submarine, much more calm + concentrated...enable a better flow of signals from your eyes trough your "mind" in your mouse-click...of course perhaps not at all your problem anyway...
  7. Yeah, I've already gone to my autumn color scheme.
  8. tah



    Sorry for the off topic post to this thread. I am trying to reach the member "hardcash" who has posted last to this thread. Hardcash , if you see this message , can you send me an email. I have a question about what you posted here:


    09-01-02 09:52 AM


    my method in progress would have generated on friday for the ES on 1min between 15:00 and 16:00...

    2 buy-signals on 15:32 (even better on 15:34) and 15:50 and

    2 sell-signals, on 15:25 and 15:42

    ...as i said before, its based on reversals + penetration of bollingerbands with 13,2 (+ volume). you can test it, its no secret.



  9. I use the pale green color as the backgound. You know the one, looks like institutional green from years ago. Or the color on the old graph paper.... do they still sell that stuff? This is very east on the eyes.

    Candles are red down and white up. Bars are black.

    The black background with green bars and red/white candles is so intense - like a video game.

    The white background I might as well wear sunglasses all day.

    Speaking of which, the office lights are never on. Only the light from outside and I block 70% of that.

    I'm relaxed!!!
  10. Profitseer your experience with always in is the reason I love the moving average. You might take some small whip losses but sooner or later, and usually sooner, you get a nice trend for big $$$.

    And as always...
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