I wonder what manipulative surprise is next...

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    I wonder if the PPT will be pressing the 'prop it up' button again. Is my tax dollars being used to sooth the nerves of the market when the facts behind the selling is real? Obviously yesterday's cut was nothing more than propping up the market, otherwise wait till the next meeting. They had several chances to surprise the markets before it got ugly.
  2. the fed does'nt lower rated 75 basis points when they think the economy only "hit a speed bumb or soft patch". they know something and they are deparate. can blame bernanke,greenspan left rates too low for too long and ignored regulatory issues when he knew about the mortgage industry's lending practice's.
  3. i meant to say you CAN'T blame bernanke.
  4. Bleh, media pundits need a scapegoat and its poor Bernanke.

    F'n cry babies.
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    I'm not blaming anyone. But what changed between yesterday and last week when they proposed the stimulus plan? Nothing other than a global selloff. My guess is they decided a 100bp cut straight away would not be received so well and they'll cut again, but the question how much.

    But you do realize this liquidity has to be mopped up eventually...
  6. my sources say that we will do like Japan and outlaw all shortselling.I posted about this the past few days.

    Im still not clear if its equities only or equities and futures.Probably equities only.

    and still not clear when the announcement will come either.

  7. Your "sources" LOL

    They just canned the uptick rule and now you think they will get rid of shorting? These forums are great for entertainment.
  8. Are your sources those voices in your head?
  9. Greenspan created all of these problems and now poor Bernanke has to figure out a way to clean this huge mess up.
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    They shouldnt have handed out free money and gave loans to people who couldnt afford them, greed took over as usual creating bubbles everywhere, its not over yet, there are still more problems coming, one being the credit card industry, that is the next major problem for this economy. Aside from that watch the yen carry trade as well, that could also be something big in the making.
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