I wonder if the Rosa Parks/Civil Rights/bus incident looked anything like this?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Mar 22, 2011.

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    I removed it because this thread is inflammatory and I did not want to add to it, notwithstanding your stupid comment. The punk is a bully and a "boy". If you think that is racist, tough shit.
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    Here is the proper way to handle a bully.

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/KakZkh9Iu7U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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  3. Ricter has not found this thread so I will stand in. RCG, the liberal libertarian.

    prej·u·dice&#8194; &#8194;
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    noun, verb, -diced, -dic·ing.
    an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.

    That kid was an asshole, what, exactly does that have to do with me?
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    Nothing to do with you RCG but everything to do with the media and how liberals treat people differently. This was no where in the media. And not a single liberal wants to touch this story. Primarily because they simply are not interested. A libertarian believes ALL people should be treated equally and have the same rights and freedoms. It seems in this country for whatever reason, we are very selective about our outrage.

    Example, if this were a gay white kid getting the shit kicked out of him by some white skin head, Piers Morgan would run 5 nightly specials about it in prime time. But not to worry, it's a white kid that does not belong to any particular ethnic minority so tough beat kid.

    That kind of shit gets under my skin. We can't preach about equality in this country until we actually mean it. Also, when we see black on white crime in this country, the media tends to avoid it as it forces us to have a very uncomfortable conversation about race. But not in the way most left wing people want to talk about race. So they just choose to ignore these incidents. I just hope it's not their kid next time getting his face knocked in for no reason.
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  5. Which kid? There were 2 attackers, and a whole crowd of cheerful onlookers.

    Btw, who said this has anything to do with you?

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    It is apparent that some on this board never grew up having to deal with "porch monkeys" as shown in this video. They are very bold when in amongst their own race, but cowards otherwise. I vote with phenomena.........black racism.
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  7. Fair enuf, but I have clearly stated there are classes amongst blacks, just as there are amongst whites. And just for the sake of it i definitely hate that liberal media will not cover some stories.
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  8. ammo


    saw kids from several backgrounds on that vid,bet not one of em chose to be born,whatever they came in to the world as,there was already someone here to hate em for there skin,religion,etc....being born is not a choice...hatred is
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  9. Of course there are classes of black people. Of course not all black people are violent, feral beasts. No one is saying that.

    We're saying that there's a minority(mostly black and hispanic)on white crime EPIDEMIC. And although it's not new at all, it's getting worse.

    Yet, the PC orthodoxy is quiet. None of them are ever considered "hate crimes". Those laws are only used to go after white people. The rate of interracial crime committed upon white people is 1200%+ the rate committed upon blacks by whites, while blacks are only 12% of the nation... Think about that!

    Had this happened to a black child by a group of white kids it would be spammed across every major news network, there would be more "black in america" cnn specials, we'd hear for months about the tough, unfair lot the poor black people have because of the discriminatory, bigoted white man, there would be candle light vigils across the nation. Yet white kids get the shit kicked out of them for sitting in the wrong place on the bus, old white women get their face shattered, white girls get raped, and the media is nowhere to be found, the "hate" prosecutors are silent... Everyone is scared to say anything about it because then they will be "racist", and no one wants to be racist, that's the WORST thing you can be in America. How long do you think things will remain stable? White people have run, left the very cities that they built to avoid this fate, but now the suburbs are offering less and less shelter. Just how long do you think this will remain stable? A thinking black person should welcome an open and honest dialog on racial issues. Why? Because the longer it's bullied into silence by the PC clergy, the worse things are going to be when the pendulum swings the other way...

    Instead of asking yourself why we "hate" black people so much, why don't you try being honest with yourself about how you'd feel? Maybe it hasn't got anything to do with "hate" after all... Why don't you try thinking about why blacks are committing such a comically disproportionate share of interracial crime? How do you think that this epidemic has effected law enforcement practices in general? Do you think it's helped or hurt the effort to end the "war on drugs", and to preserve the 2nd amendment? Do you think it's help or hurt government officials who disregard the right to personal privacy, and to protection from unreasonable search and seizure? Do you think it's help or hurt officials who are abusive of power?

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  10. So the black kids beating the shit out of the white kid, and all the other black kids cheering him on and laughing all chose to participate in a hate crime? I agree...

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