I wonder if the Rosa Parks/Civil Rights/bus incident looked anything like this?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Mar 22, 2011.

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  2. pspr


    One should always carry a cattle prod when riding in a cattle car.
  3. Lucrum


    Is there some reason why the bus driver didn't pull over and break the assailants neck?

    Oh wait... my bad, it would have been labeled racism and a hate crime the driver would go to prison and the assailant would be awarded a college scholarship.
  4. The kid who broke up the fight? Good for him, sadly though, we are going to have to suspend him also. After a background check of his e mails and face book -Bristol Palin is on his friends list.
  5. The "fight"? I didn't see a fight. I saw an unprovoked attack by a pack of feral mongrels. Yeah, I guess he "broke it up" after the white kid got the shit beat out of him for sitting in the wrong seat... For some reason, I bet this wasn't considered a "hate crime"...

  6. About a week ago my cousin's son was beaten on a school bus by 4 other boys. It was not a racial incident, but it should have never happened or been stopped, but the piece of shit bus driver (just like the incompetent fool in the video) did nothing.
  7. The bus driver definitely should've done something. That was ridiculous.

    Really? A scholarship too huh? Is that in the bizarro Jerry world too?
  8. Its nice that you did your usual due diligence and interviewed everyone involved and found out exactly why the fight occurred. Or maybe it's just that my observational powers aren't as strong as yours and I'm not able to tell why the fight occurred just from watching the video. But again I guess that's why you're named phenomena -- you phenomenal observer you.
  9. What excuse? There's nothing in the video that's demonstrative of a hate crime. Period. Just phenomena posting his usual entertainment for the evening. "Boy" huh? Clearly racist. That's too bad.

    Why did you delete your post? Or was it removed by the mods?
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    Where is Ricter? I want to hear Ricter defend this. I want to hear how African Americans are struggling to overcome the injustice of slavery oh so many years ago. I want to hear how poverty started this fight. How economic conditions was the real culprit in this attack.

    Ricter, oh Ricter, where art thou?
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