I wish Playstation 3 is shortable...

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  1. Probably some shills trying to corner the market.
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    I am getting the PS3 for my daughter for Christmas. Boy I hope they are not sold out when I go to the stores..

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    Good luck. People have tents lined up on the sidewalk at the Best Buy store in my town.
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    nitro :(
  5. Nitro, I'd wait till they get the bugs fixed....didn't x-box have similar issues?... :eek:


    4,950 for a ps3 ??!!..say what?..sh-t, my computer cost like 2,300..and I thought that was a lot.

    I could probably buy a nice turbo kit for my car with 4.9 g's.
  6. Paredes, a 31-year-old day trader living in New York, planted himself at the store on the spur of the moment after hearing that people already were waiting at other stores.

    ``I figured it was going to get crazy so I stayed,'' he said in an interview. ``It's a milestone because people have been waiting two or three years for it. Nobody really knows how good this one's going to be. That's why everybody's so excited.''

    Paredes, who described himself as an avid gamer, said he already owns an Xbox 360 and has ordered a Wii. He plans to buy two war games, ``Call of Duty 3'' and ``Resistance: Fall of Man,'' to play on the PlayStation 3.

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