I Wish Paulson Would Drop Dead

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  1. Treasonous, lying traitor. An ugly stuttering pig. With Gold, crude and other commodities dropping out of bed along with equity strength it's apparent that the Treasury is not only refusing to intervene-I strongly suspect they're selling dollars.

    IMHO there's little chance that short covering alone could keep EUR higher on the session with Gold fifty dollars lower.

    The administration has the gall to say they don't intervene because of their undying respect for free markets. LMAO. The same guy's with coordinated easing on options expiration mornings, on Sunday nights, manufactured WMD's.....

    P.S.I voted for Bush twice. Given the choices I'd do it again. Shows what a mess this country is in.
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    The guy comes across as a slimey greaseball. He is basically speaking out of both sides of his mouth, saying that free markets should prevail, EXCEPT when it comes to wall street!
  3. Yeah, dead is probably a little too strong, but he is very high on my list of current scoundrels who need to go. His meddling in the BSC debacle was alarming, especially since he is personal friends with most of the Wall St CEOs that were calling him on Saturday to do something. Someone posted earlier about him selling Ft Knox gold?? I couldn't find a link though so I don't know if that is true or not. Hank "We have a Strong Dollar Policy" Paulson needs to go.

  4. Agree. Dead is too over the top. Rectal cancer would be good enough. Since he's a fellow Chicagoan I'd show him a little mercy.....:)
  5. Maybe you should re-think that based on the clowns that Bush has put into his administration. Let's run down a quick list of his past picks for top spots and use just that as a judge:

    Harvey Pitt
    Michael "Brownie" Brown
    Alberto Gonzales
    Condi Rice
    Donald Rumsfeld
    Paul Wolfowitz
    George Tenet
    Hank Paulson
    Harriet Miers
    Karl Rove
    Dick Cheney (but I think he picked himself)

    Each one of these people were a complete disaster and really show Bush has no ability to surround himself with competent and honest people. That alone should disqualify him from being president again.

    edit: Oops almost forgot Helicopter Ben. I'm sure there have been more though.
  6. You forgot Michael Chertoff at Homeland Security, Gayle Norton the Secretary of the Interior, Christine Todd-Whitman at the EPA, and the idiot at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that turned a "blind-eye" to Enron manipulating the power grid in California during a recession.

    All of these people were totally INCOMPETENT!
  7. And therein lies the problem, Pabst.
    People were dumb enough to believe all of the Bush Propaganda and voted for the guy not once, but twice.

    And the "swing" state became Ohio where Karl Rove was able to motivate a bunch of conservatives off of their couches eating potato chips and into the polling booths to vote for Bush all because of FAMILY VALUES!

    Sometimes, Americans can be very stupid and it takes them a long time to finally figure out what REAL leadership is, not imposters!

    Personally, I'd like to kick Ohio out of the State of the Union.
  8. Oh, give us a break. How can we choose a "genuine leader" when our only choices are always between "Giant Douche" and "Turd Sandwich"?
  9. LOL...South Park...classic episode. :D
  10. Those who are not fans of South Park don't know what they're missing. Lots of social and political commentary "out of the mouth of 4th graders"....

    South Park is waaaayyy more pithy than just an animated cartoon series. Best part about it... no topic, no thing nor nobody is sacred nor "off limits"...
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