I wish IB allows us to use thier software on weekends!

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by affan, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. affan


    I still can't believe we can't use IB on weekends. So far I like them but i just don't get it how they can't allow research to be done on weekends!
  2. Good points.

    IB should allow us to use TWS on week just for research purpose.......
  3. The IB servers do start running at 12:00 EST on Sunday.

    What exactly do you want to do that can't be done Sunday to Friday night and Sunday afternoon?
  4. Can you do that on Saturday as well?
  5. Moreagr


    I would like this to. I could playy around with features I have not used yet... I am tired after market closes to study TWS many days
  6. Or at least during weekend, let use play with it using demo version.....
  7. cstfx


    Wrong section of the forum for this. You need to post this in the section exclusively for IB bashing. You can't miss it in one of the above sections.
  8. They aren't bashing, just asking an honest question.

    No doubt IB closes up shop for the weekends because they do such an extraordinary volume of work 24/5 across so many markets which requires a lot of work and coordination among their various offices, they just don't have the need to maintain onsite personnel (which is what would be required if they were to give traders continuous access to their product).

    It's a sound business decision, nothing more, nothing less.
  9. Bob111


    stop this BS and if you don't know sh*t -blame yourself, not IB.you can use demo on weekends.


    i'm still waiting for an answer on this question too
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