I wish I shorted JAVA friday.

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  1. Monday will be very interesting for JAVA :) Big plunge coming.
  2. That's fine. Sun Micro is worth 20 billion easy with their IP even now. Fu*k IBM - they're just jealous that Sun is more like Xerox PARC then they will ever be. That's right Big Blue, keep making your commercials to convince people you innovate, god forbid you actually do. Meanwhile the rest of us will sit with our ZFS goodness and Java and continue to eat your lunch.
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    Is McNealy still running that POS? Ever notice that when he talks, he keeps his teeth clenched? And I don't mean currently, I mean over the past 15 years.

    Not a happy guy.
  4. Schwartz is running it now. A bit better, but they still need some management rock-stars. All their talent is in the tech.
  5. this is a typical head fake, at least now u know what JAVA is really worth....8-9 dollars, and even more to JAVA.

    JAVA might get a surprise 2nd offer from other companies that can again, run the price back up.
  6. Exactly, JAVA surmises they can get a better deal and gave IBM the middle finger. I like that.
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    The price action gave a twinkled clue last Friday for the fact that the leaked offer would be something around $9.50, but the traded price didn't go much higher than $8.50. Why? The answer is revealed on Monday.
  8. No - that's the arb's doing their thing. The stock will never reach the exact price of a takeover in open trading.
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    I agree that the trading price will rarely equal to the takeover price. The point is that the 10% gap was significant and kind of intuitive.

  10. No, it wasn't. That was due to the arb's.
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